Gan Chy

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean Plane taking off at Incheon International Airport Pagoda by Eling Park The Great Hall of the People Large tree by the Great Hall

Monument in Chongqing Chongqing's very own Weber Point Cloud stretching out Welcome Pool in Huang Long Huang Long

Water flowing down rounded rocks Bonzai Pool Cloud rolling over mountain in Huang Long Jiuzhaigou rushing water Panda Lake

Snow mountain in sunlight Entrance to Traditional Show Traditional gowns Three girls pose Twirl and Spin

Flinging cloth Chinese Stomp Hands high Panda costumes Lake in Panda Zoo in Chengdu

Panda eating Panda looking Panda eating Firefox or Red Panda eating Firefox chewing

Old City Street in Chengdu Statue of Horse-drawn Carriage Old City Street 2 in Chengdu Artwork of the people Green Lake

Green Lake angle 2 Zhangjiajie mountain Sunlight shining over mountains Sun peaking out World's first steps

View on top of Zhangjiajie Bear (or Dog) shaped mountain View at Zhangjiajie Stairway to Heaven Bowing Stone

Sign about the Turtle Turtle upon a Turtle (with a rabbit on rear) Umbrella-shaped Tree Statue of Chinese General Adulterer's Rock (if you commit adultery, this rock will fall on you)

View at Zhangjiajie Pagoda at Zhangjiajie Fairy Dispersing Flowers Old Man Three Sisters: 1 with baby on back, 1 carrying baby, 1 pregnant

Bridge at Zhangjiajie View of river A Sign Mist over River Heart Shaped Lock

Building at Zhangjiajie Siu Hing Bridge at Siu Hing Famous peak Tree overhanging water

Tree overhanging water view 2 Another tree overhanging water Chinese Calligraphy near the cave in Siu Hing Path with numerous Palm Trees View at Siu Hing

Fish at Siu Hing Lake of Lilly Pads Bridge in Lake Musical Fountain and Light show in front of hotel Lion Dance

Golden Mountain Statue Looking for Gold Deer with antlers cut Tam Bak, an old beekeeper, scooping fresh honey Chinese Indian

World's Largest Ink Pad In Siu Hing One of the largest 'tripod' or 'cauldrons' in China Copper Man Copper Man sign

Large gate Waterfall in Siu Hing Small waterfall