Gan Chy

Hong Kong - Beam of light in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Hong Kong - Exterior of Cultural Centre Hong Kong - Another view of junk. Hong Kong - Peering over the fence to the Disneyland entrance. Hong Kong - Discovery Bay is a nice place to live.  Other than buses, only electric golf carts are allowed.  This keeps the air clean.

Canton - A view of downtown Canton. Canton - New development Canton - This fish apparently creates bubbles.  But only sometimes. Canton - A tree sits inside of a park/temple/something Canton - Piled up rocks

Canton - The fence was a natural border Canton - A hallway in this place Canton - A bridge.  The clouds were blown out. Canton - The fish must get fed all day.  Carp eat a lot. Canton - Some instruments on a stage here.

Canton - A set of bells are played in this ampitheater.  It's too hot to wait for the performance, so we move on. Canton - The pond nestled in the hills. Canton - A bridge crossing the river. Canton - The fisherman untie the ducks and prepare to head out. Canton - Bonsai courtyard.

Canton - Heading towards the exit. Canton - A lone boat rides the river Canton - Rice paddies. Canton - The sides of the river are pretty industrial. Canton - Reflection.

Canton - The bridge on the other end. Canton - This is the Chen Clan academy. Canton - It's got some cool designs. To Urumqi - Clouds. Urumqi - The night market with all the strange foods and other things.

Urumqi - Heading back towards our bus, we waited here for a while. Urumqi - View out of our hotel room.  Lights are blooming because of the dirty windows. Urumqi - Outside our hotel, a plaza. Urumqi - Disneyland?! Urumqi - You can get out on the other side of the lake here.

Urumqi - Above on the hills, dragons collide. Urumqi - Nice. Urumqi - The river leaving the lake. Urumqi - Weaving oriental rugs.  One that size takes months to years.  I suspect that the few people in front are just for show, and that carpets can be done in a short time via machinery. Urumqi - Chinese pizzabreads.

Urumqi - Bread making. Urumqi - Here is the watch tower. Turpan - Lift the veil. Turpan - The little girl changes and performs a new dance. Turpan - The paved sidewalks of Turpan.

Turpan - Entering Turpan - The winery we went to.  Nothing special to look at, just the same corridors with vines everywhere. Turpan - There's like 5 types of grapes they grow, with their own special characteristics. Turpan - Here is a view out of the many corridors of this type.  All the same, all boring. Turpan -

Turpan - Beneath the plexiglass is an irrigation canal. Turpan - This leads through the tunnel. Turpan - Irrigation Channels outside. Turpan - This room is interesting, but kind of useless. Turpan - Dance.

Shanshan - Whole camel. Shanshan - Camel. Ancient City - Looks like doors are bricked up. Ancient City - This guy behind us spoke to the donkey in English, 'Let's go baby!' Ancient City - Our driver shows up.

Hami - The sun begins to set. Hami - This is the mausoleum of ancient Uygur kings. Hami - Nice that there's no one but us around. Mogao Caves - There are a series of stairwells to get to the individual rooms. Dunhuang - To get to a Desert Oasis, we'd have to ride camels... there are 4 camels per caravan.

Dunhuang - The shadows along the sand. Dunhuang - Mom is well protected from sand. Dunhuang - Good thing we came here later in the day. Dunhuang - We get to a large reservoir. Dunhuang - There is a temple in this oasis.

Dunhuang - Chew. Dunhuang - There's always a rock with the location name. Dunhuang - We got back to the hotel place, and the sun was just setting over the buildings. Dunhuang - Lean. To Jiayuguan - Rain would be nice to cool the area down.  The bus driver turns on the AC only for short spurts to prevent overheating.

Jiayuguan - End of the Great Wall of China. Jiayuguan - The gate. Jiayuguan - Larry climbs up the slide ramp intended for horses, I believe. Jiayuguan - Chinese superstition where the building must be made from a certain number of tiles.  This was the one left over. Jiayuguan - Here looks up upon another tower.

Jiuguan - A man plays the erhu under the pavilion. Jiuguan - Soldiers. Jiuguan - Entering into the main area. Jiuguan - And that's the supposed pool that has the wine, I think. Jiuguan - Here is the general and the soldiers drinking water wine.

Zhangye - Here is Marco Polo, who came into this city for some time.  Around the buildings supposedly look European. Wuwei - Cavalry. Wuwei - The Lei Tai (Thunder platform) Wuwei - Heading out. Wuwei - The flowers were nice.

Wuwei - Interesting doorway. Wuwei - Path to the temple. Lanzhou - Before the bridge was built, people either rode across the river in a sheepskin raft, or created a pontoon bridge. Lanzhou - Here is the first bridge to cross the yellow river. Xian - Nine Dragon spring signifies it for the Emperor's use.

Xian - The Crabapple Bathing Pool.  This is the one Yang Guifei used. Xian - Inside number 1, rows of terra cotta soldiers in trenches. Xian - You can see some missing heads here. Xian - The rows of trenches. Xian - A kneeling archer (crossbow).

Xian - A middle officer. Xian - A general. Xian - A standing archer. Xian - Cavalryman and his horse. Xian - Two chariots were found in the First Emperor's tomb (a few miles away).  They were made of bronze, and shattered into many pieces.  The first is a wartime chariot.

Xian - The umbrella was made in a very ingenious way.  It could be pivoted to shade in any direction, and could be removed to be held by a servent. Xian - Now we went to see a Tang dynasty music and dance show. Xian - They played some classic Chinese music. Xian - Head is framed nicely. Xian - This song they danced to seems to be very popular.  We hear it every year in different shows.

Xian - Dancing. Xian - Here is the wooden pagoda.  That's it. Longman's Grotto - Spans the river.  There are caves on both sides, but mostly this side. Longman's Grotto - Similar to the Mogao Caves, there are caves that contain Buddhist cave art. Longman's Grotto - There are a lot of nooks.

Longman's Grotto - Looks like a big Buddha. Zhengzhou - We went to see this pagoda thing in some scary plaza. Zhengzhou - To get there, we had to go through some very smelly areas. Zhengzhou - Isn't it supposed to change colors or something?  Finally, the clock strikes and plays a crappy tune.  Later, we notice that the clock had stopped and the lights were off.  After a few minutes, it then was set back to the right time and the tower actually had color changing lights.